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Friday, September 5, 2014

NEW Dog Treats from Minties and Betsy Farms!

This post is brought to you by VetIQ. All opinions are 100% mine. 

If you have a pet dog, then you are going to want to hear about some great new pet products from VetIQ and Betsy Farms! Charlie, the lucky dog who got to snack on Minties and Betsy Farms Turkey Jerky snacks was in love and never wanted to stop being fed these items!

 Check out more info below on these two great pet products:


There are a lot of dental treats to choose from for dogs, but when it comes to finding a complete oral health solution your dog will love, there’s nothing like Minties. Minties have a vet recommended, triple action formula that helps clean teeth, promote fresh breath, and helps control plaque and tartar. And because it’s from VetIQ, you’ll know that it’s a vet recommended quality product at savings to you.

Minties are made in the USA and free of many ingredients that may be of concern to you and your dog: wheat, gluten, soy, corn, artificial flavors and animal by-products. Minties have unique hardness, shape and texture to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy as he chews while helping reduce plaque and tartar.

Each Minties Dental Treat contains five natural ingredients that work in your dog’s mouth and stomach to promote fresh breath and reduce unpleasant odors:
  • Mint promotes minty fresh breath.
  • Parsley contains enzymes that help break down odor-causing particles in the stomach.
  • Dill helps inhibit bacterial growth and helps prevent early stages of gingivitis.
  • Fennel helps control bacteria and is a natural breath freshener.
  • Chlorophyll from alfalfa balances acid levels in the stomach and helps deodorize your dog’s body.

Independent taste tests found that dogs love Minties and are easy to digest, so supporting your dog’s complete oral health can be a treat for your dog, not a chore. That’s smart!

I also love how Minties Dental Treats come in sizes for tiny, small, medium and large dogs. Charlie received the tiny size according to his weight! They are the perfect size for him, his teeth and his mouth!

Minties are exclusively sold at Walmart and Sam’s Club retailers nationwide.

Try Minties from VetIQ today!

Betsy Farms Turkey Jerky

When you want to give your dog a tasty and healthy treat, give him a mouth-watering snack he’ll love from Betsy Farms!

Betsy Farms offers jerky recipe treats in four varieties: Chicken, Duck, Turkey and now new Natural Chicken Jerky Recipe Infusions that have a chewy outside with a unique, creamy inside. Each is made with natural ingredients and real meat for protein that all dogs need. They’re also free of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. Betsy Farms makes high quality treats made right here in the USA.

Charlie got to try the Betsy Farms Turkey Jerky Recipe made from American Raised Turkey and No Artificial Flavors! Charlie LOVED this delicious dog treat and begged for more and more!

I absolutely LOVE that it is made with natural ingredients and real meat - no dog deserves less...especially YOURS! They’re also free of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors and that is really important too!

So give your dog a treat he’ll love and you’ll feel good about from Betsy Farms!

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*This post is brought to you by VetIQ. All opinions are 100% mine.*