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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Power Up for School & Serve Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Products

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

After years of practice most moms have the healthy lunch routine down. ; But what about back to school breakfast? The kids need a nutritious meal that’s tasty and filling enough to provide focus and energy for the long school day. You need something that’s fast, easy, and mom-approved. Plus many moms also need gluten-free options.

Canyon Bakehouse provides gluten free breads that taste and feel like “real” bread. Made with 100% whole grains for energy and nutrients, the breads are baked with ingredients you can pronounce and find in your own kitchen, such as extra virgin olive oil, organic agave syrup and eggs.

Pair Canyon Bakehouse with protein in the morning for a satiating breakfast that provides sustained energy and brain power for a productive and fun day at school.

My family is really enjoying Canyon Bakehouse products as they head to school and work each morning!

My husband LOVES the Cinnamon Raisin Bread and the Cranberry Crunch Muffins. They give him a great boost in the morning for work and help him think straight and be alert.

My children love the 7 Grain bread for breakfast and lunch - with bananas and peanut butter is their favorite! Plus, they love having their hamburgers on hamburger buns when we grill!

As you head back to school try these gluten-free breakfast ideas:

· Cinnamon Raisin bread with almond butter or peanut butter. Canyon’s Tip: choose all-natural nut butters to avoid harmful trans fats.

· Mountain White cheese and avocado sandwich. Canyon’s Tip: Avocados are a great source of healthy fat for energy and keeps the belly full.

· 7-Grain toast with a slice of turkey. Canyon’s Tip: lunch foods (ie: turkey) make great breakfast foods since they’re low sugar and full of protein.

· Cranberry Canyon Crunch Muffin with a hard-boiled egg. Canyon’s Tip: hard-boil a bunch of eggs on Sunday for quicker prep each morning.

Plus Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free breads are great for lunch sandwiches, so kids can love PB&J again! At school about 2 students in each classroom have a food allergy. To help parents prepare for the school year, here’s our checklist for staying safe with food allergies:

Tips for Staying Safe at School With Food Allergies

· Keep teachers and staff in the know – Set up a meeting before the first day of school with your child’s teacher, the school nurse and principal to talk about your child’s allergies.

· Provide a list of safe and unsafe foods for your child – Especially with gluten allergies, many people don’t understand what it is or where it can be found. Creating a quick run-down of foods to avoid will eliminate fear or confusion on the school’s part.

· Make an allergy action plan – Provide the school staff with medical information, emergency contact info and a food allergy action plan in case your child has a reaction at school.

· Attitude is everything – Along with school staff, it’s important to talk to your child about the allergy so he/she understands it. If you don’t treat the allergy as something “weird” then they won’t feel embarrassed.

Buy It: You can purchase Canyon Bakehouse products for $5 each from the Canyon Bakehouse website.

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* Thank you to Canyon Bakehouse for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*