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Monday, November 24, 2014

Gifts for the Golf Lover

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

If you have a golfer on your list, make them extra happy this holiday season with gifts from Alphard and Black Magic that will make any golfer happy!!

Duo Golf Cart by ALPHARD®

The revolutionary DUO CART is an all-in-one pushcart and golf bag combination that is extremely compact, so it folds down and fits easily in the trunk of your car, and takes just seconds to set up. The new and improved main latch locking system coupled with the hydraulic assisted back wheel system make folding and unfolding a breeze. The Duo Cart features 4 large wheels that provide a low center of gravity and outstanding stability on even the toughest terrain. The Bag has a plethora of storage pockets for balls, tees, raingear, and other necessities as well as a built-in Cooler Pock et (with drains) that can store up to six drinks.

It comes standard with attachable accessories like an umbrella holder and adjustable drink holder. Best of all the Duo Cart is "Riding Cart Friendly", which means its wheels can be removed from the anodized aluminum frame in just seconds and converted into a standard Cart Bag, which fits on all electric or gas carts, should you decide to Ride instead of Walk!

Engineered from the ground up to make walking the game easier, the Alphard Duo Golf Cart is a golf bag and push cart combined into one unit.

Compared to traditional cart and bag, it’s 30% faster to set up taking only 2 steps! It’s also 30% more compact being a combo, better yet, never again worry about strapping in your golf bag or having to reposition it in the middle of the round. The Duo Cart is packed with an assortment of features offering unparalleled convenience and comfort.

Clever and unique features: riding cart friendly, detachable skin, fully adjustable handle and no-rattle club base.

You can get more information and purchase for $349.95 from


Tired of chunking and shanking shots? Do you struggle with your short game? Are you ready for a wedge that REALLY does what it says it will do? Black Magic Golf has invented the new H Wedge which features a patented Face Forward Design and a large sweet spot to assist with off center shots. The large full face action, set back hosel, hybrid technology and improved extra wide sole allow you to slide the club under the ball on ANY surface creating more spin and lob.

These H Wedges deliver superior precision and accuracy from the fairway or the sand and allow you to hit higher, softer shots as you make their way onto the green. Black Magic Wedges are available in 37, 48, 52, 56 and 60 Degree Lofts in Right Hand and 56 Degree Loft in Left Hand and feature USGA Conforming grooves.

This Right Handed club thrives in the sand, tight lies and heavy rough. The no hosel design allows players to get creative without ever shanking a shot.

The Black Magic Wedge 56 degree wedge is a sure stroke saver from 100 yards and in from any condition. This club performs in sand, tight lies to heavy rough. Golfers can lay the face open and cut across the ball pulling off those flop shots you thought only the pros could do. The 56 degree wedge, like all the Black Magic Wedges, can give you instant confidence as soon as you set the club behind the ball. Confidence is what makes great players.

Each wedge comes with a premium head cover.


  • The leading edge of the face improved lift enhancing performance in soft pitch shots, chip shots and lobs.
  • The set back "No Hosel" design makes the wedges virtually impossible to shank.
  • The improved "Extra Wide" sole creates exceptional bounce, preventing the head from digging into the turf or sand.
  • "Conforms with USGA Rules"
  • Technical Specification: 431 Stainless Steel Head | 120 Grams Powder Coated Steel Shaft | 300 Grams Head Weight | D-5 Swing Weight | 35.5 Standard Length with Regular Flex | 0 Degree Bounce Angle at impact | All Black Magic Wedges and Putters conforms to USGA Rules

You can get more info and purchase for $119.95 from

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Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*