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Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Top Five Tips for New & Expecting Parents

This post is brought to you by tommee tippee. All opinions are mine. 

Are you a new or expecting parent? 

Are you exhausted, worn out and frustrated? 

Or maybe you just haven't had a new baby in a few years and forgotten what it is really about. Believe me, those hard early months actually do fade in our memories....

Well, I just had baby #3 three months ago and I can tell you that these hard months are VERY fresh in my memory...(in fact, I am still experiencing very little sleep, chaos and exhaustion so bear with any typos or errors in this post :) 

My daughter and me snuggling at birth.
I feel like I have been through it all with my three children and I would love to help any new or expecting parents out there prepare for what you are about to go through. No, you can never be fully prepared for what is about to happen, but I hope these top 5 tips can at least inspire you, encourage you and help you get through these tough months and years of being a new parent! From one sleep deprived parent to another, hope these help! :)

1. Don't feel bad asking for help & have a great support system surrounding you!

My dad helping out with my firstborn son when he was a baby.
This is such an important tip because those first few days, first few months and even the whole first year is VERY CHALLENGING. You will learn so much but be challenged in ways as a parent, spouse and human being that you never imagined! Don't feel like you have to do it all alone or that you have to prove something to yourself...every parent has been in your spot and has had or wanted help. You will be thankful you asked for help, advice, or just a night out...and it's okay to need help!! You aren't failing by asking or needing help and no one will look down on you for it!

2. Be Prepared for ANYTHING!

Yes, you have this ideal picture in your head of what your pregnancy, labor, delivery and first few days with your baby will be like. Facebook and social media tend to give us the sunny disposition of those first few months - cuddling, snuggly babies everywhere, big smiling baby faces and parents with smiles on their faces...even I am guilty of posting these kinds of photos. But that is not real life all the time!

Every one wishes for the perfect everything...and some get it. 


My advice is to be prepared for everything and then be thankful later on if you don't need to use any of the stuff you have prepared. I have learned this the hard way. All three times I hoped to exclusively breastfeed and wasn't successful. I learned after the first two, to get prepared just in case I would need bottles, formula and a breast pump. This time around with my third child, breastfeeding wasn't completely successful and I was so happy in the depths of exhaustion to already have on hand my favorite bottles for supplementing - the tommee tippee Closer to Nature bottles! My son latched right onto the bottle, ate well with it and we had no trouble switching between bottle and breast!

I love these tommee tippee bottles!

And along with being prepared for anything, be prepared to be ok with the ups and downs that happen. Things might not be ideal or perfect or what you imagined, but you will get through it, your baby will be just fine, and you will be a better parent because of the trials and troubles you went through!

3. You will be SO TIRED...but YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT! 

(no matter how much it feels like you won't!)

Catch a nap whenever you can!

This is probably something I tell myself every day...especially on the days where my son wakes up every hour at night and then during the day the other two children run me ragged with their endless energy. 

I. Will. Get. Through. It.  

AND so will you. It won't feel like it on many, many days but just keep putting one foot in front of the other, one bottle after another, one diaper change after another, and before you know it, your baby WILL sleep through the night, you will start getting more than 2 hours of consecutive hours of sleep and you will wonder where time even went, which leads me to my next tip...

4. Really, really, (really!) cherish each moment! (It REALLY does go by fast!)

I know, I know...this is probably the most frequent advice you receive "They will grow so fast...", "Before you know it, they will be a teenager..a will be a grandma.", "Cherish these times, they will be grown before you know it".

But you will find out how true this is! 

Even in the days of no sleep, the bouts of crying and the frustrations of those early days, try and take a deep breath, look at your beautiful child and remember how tiny and precious they are! Because in just a few short months they will look so different, will act so different and will be so much bigger!

My third child at his cutest!

You will NEVER get that tiny little baby back that fits so perfectly and snugly in your arms and cuddles so perfectly you while they sleep. You will NEVER get back those moments and someday you will wish you could!

So big already at 3 months!

I know, I are SO TIRED 

(see #3!)

but when you get that precious baby finally asleep on your shoulder and you finally have silence...those are the moments where you take a deep breathe, gaze at your beautiful baby, take a mental picture, and remember how that moment feels! Do that several times a day and you won't regret it!!!


This is probably the biggest lesson I learned from my first two children and the most important tip for staying sane.

DON'T forget who you are, what you love to do for YOU, and what your loves, talents, and abilities are! 

Don't let the busyness of motherhood consume you and make you an invalid. Get out with friends, family and your spouse and do the things you love!

Yes, the baby will be just fine without you. Yes, your trusted spouse, family member or babysitter can handle it. The baby will be just fine for an hour.

For me, I love to play volleyball and softball several times a week and go out for a dinner date or movie with my husband, sisters or friends! On these precious days, I get to remember who I am as a woman, wife, athlete and friend and I get to get a breather from thinking about everyone else all day long! I always come back refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to be a great mom and spouse again! It might seem like hard work on most days to actually get dressed decently enough to be seen in public, but let me tell you....IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

I hope these tips help you, inspire you, and get you through those 12 AM and 2 AM, (& 4 AM....6 AM...) feedings! :) 

My three precious, beautiful children.

You are an awesome parent, your baby loves you for you (bad hair, tired eyes, wrinkles and all), you will get through this and you are AMAZING!

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This post is brought to you by tommee tippee. All opinions are mine. *