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Monday, November 17, 2014

Okidokeys Smart-Lock System

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

Imagine controlling access to your house safely and securely from your smart phone? 

Now you can say goodbye to antiquated house keys!

Okidokeys is a cool new technology that provides a secure, simple and practical way to access your home using any Bluetooth-enabled smart phone. Homeowners can say goodbye to the hassle and expense of losing keys, being locked out of their home or hiding a spare key.

The Okidokeys Smart-Lock system — which works with a free Okidokeys app available for iOS and Android devices — is easy to install and use. Efficiently manage access to your Okidokeys system: Create a key for your babysitter, define a specific time for the cable guy, and get notified every time your door is locked or unlocked. Users control how long someone has access and how long the key is activated. Access can be revoked at anytime, from anywhere. Various Smart-Tags allows you to lock and unlock doors and go beyond mobile phones. Give wristbands to your kids for after school or a wallet-size card to your neighbor while you’re on vacation. And your metal keys still work, too.


Easily install an OKIDOKEYS Smart-Lock on the interior of any home door with an existing ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt. No drilling or wiring required.

Once the Smart-Lock is installed, you can lock and unlock your doors by using a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled smartphone, thanks to the free OKIDOKEYS App available for iOS and Android. Select from six opening rules to fit your needs, including the hands-free mode, which unlocks the door automatically when authorized user gets close to it.

Pair the Smart-Lock with the optional wireless OKIDOKEYS Smart-Reader, and you and your guests will enjoy the freedom to lock and unlock doors using a variety of key options: smartphones, cellphones, smart tags and traditional metal keys. You can even keep a credit-card-sized RFID card in your wallet in case your cell phone battery runs out.


With OKIDOKEYS app and web portal, you can create, share and revoke keys with family, friends and all trusted third parties, at anytime, from anywhere.

It is now easy to provide instant access to your homes when you are away, grant limited time access to baby sitters, housekeepers, pet-sitters or trusted contractors.

OKIDOKEYS can provide homeowners notifications whenever their doors are being operated. Users, for example, know when their children return home from school.

Thanks to the OKIDOKEYS Smart-Lock built-in alarm, users can be notified when an unauthorized user attempts to enter the door.

OKIDOKEYS' highly-secured Web platform can be accessed from any smartphone, laptop or tablet using 3DSecure logins identical to the most advanced security environments.



OKIDOKEYS Access-Pack allows you to unlock your home door not only with Bluetooth 4.0-enabled smartphones, but also using any smartphones, cell phones and OKIDOKEYS RFID Smart-Tags (included). Share Smart-Keys with your family or friends, use them every day!


  • Enhance your existing lock with the world leading Mobile Key technology
  • Lock and unlock your home door with all authorized mobile phones (including non-smartphones) and OKIDOKEYS Smart-Tags
  • Create, send and cancel mobile keys for family, friends and guests from anywhere, at anytime
  • Authorize and cancel Smart-Tags for family, friends and guests
  • Define specific time date appropriate access adapted to each user
  • Receive notifications when your guests unlock your door
  • Select between 6 opening rules for easier use
  • Unlock your door when you’re nearby with the hands free mode
  • Automatically re-lock your door when closing it
  • Receive a warning of an intrusion with built-in alarm
  • Includes a wireless doorbell (included in the Smart-Reader)
  • Easy to install: no drilling, no wiring
  • Use OKIDOKEYS app and Web portal with free HomeKeys license

Other Okidokey integrated products include Smart-Garage, Smart-Gate, Smart-Gateway and Smart-Reader. The Okidokeys Smart-Lock system starts at $189 and is available on Amazon or the company’s website, www.okidokeys.com.

Buy It: 

You can purchase the OKIDOKEYS ACCESS-PACK for $259.00 from the OKIDOKEYS website.

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* Thank you to Okidokeys for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*