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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Brookland Fairies

*This post is brought to you by The Brookland Fairies. All opinions are 100% mine. *

Does your child have a wonderful imagination full of fairies, dream lands and fairy tales??

Then let me introduce you to the awesome children's and teen's event company, The Brookland Fairies.

The Brookland Fairies is a premier Children's Event and Lifestyle Brand where your child will find the freedom to explore new worlds and delve into the delightful mysteries of their imagination!

The Brookland Fairies consists of 3 different parts.


The 42 Event Themes cater to everything your child needs to have the perfect celebration. They take care of everything from the invitations to d├ęcor and ambiance, food, activities, dessert and gift bags. Allow their Fairies to come in and turn your home or chosen venue into your child’s dream for 3 hours!


Each party has a Fairy and each Fairy has a wonderful and intriguing history. These 42 Fairies make up the world of Brookland and each Fairy’s story guides your child into a journey of self-discovery, confidence, and friendship.


They have what is called Brookland Treasures, a space dedicated for brands that their company believes in and supports. They sell products from these brands. The parents and adults can also find treasures in the world of The Brookland Fairies on this part of the site or an activity/craft/project to do at home from the Brookland Blog allowing there to be something for everyone!

What a wonderful and unique way to celebrate a birthday or fun celebration for any child!

Right now, SAVE 25% on the Best New York City Theme Children/Teen Birthday Party, THE BROOKLAND FAIRIES with the coupon code below! They take care of everything from invitations to decor to food, activities, and dessert!

To redeem enter "THEREVIEWSTEW14" in the message field when reserving!

Expires January 1, 2015

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*This post is brought to you by The Brookland Fairies. All opinions are 100% mine. *