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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Healthy, Natural and Organic Food & Drink Ideas

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The holidays are here but it doesn't mean you have to throw away your natural and organic foods for ickier, more unhealthy foods! There are many great companies that have the perfect natural, organic and healthy gift or food and drink to serve at your holiday party! Check them out below:


One of the best All-Natural Candy out there is Legit Organics!!

Abandoning artificial chemicals and preservatives in favor of organic ingredients, Legit remixes candy classics to make them legitimately safer and totally natural. Legit's candy bars are available in two, Santa-approved flavors:

Shot Caller -- Decadent combination of rich milk chocolate, soft caramel, organic roasted peanuts and airy nougat. This tastes just like a Snickers but without the icky ingredients they put in theirs! My husband can't get enough of these!

Word. -- Divinely salted caramel and malted nougat covered in creamy milk chocolate. These are my personal favorite and I could seriously eat one after another (if m
y waistline could handle it!). I love that they are just as caramelly and chocolatey as other mainstream alternatives, but made with organic ingredients!! Yeah for Legit Organics!!!

Earthbound Farm

Delicious food is the centerpiece for holiday festivities, but can often tempt toward overindulge on once-a-year dishes and seasonal treats. Earthbound Farm, America’s leading grower of organic produce, has tips and ideas to balance bountiful bites while keeping your celebrations merry and bright.

For your next holiday party, bring a delectable, colorful and fresh salad to the forefront! An eye-catching salad will add a bit of unexpected vibrance to your spread and much-needed nutrients to the meal.

Earthbound Farm’s new frozen Smoothie Kickstarts include the perfect blend of fruits and veggies that make a nutritious meal or snack for in-between all the holiday indulgences and celebrations. These delightfully refreshing recipes make blending a breeze: All Hail Kale Smoothie and Beta Bright-Orange Smoothie. Nourishing yourself with a detoxifying antioxidant-packed smoothie makes for a healthier holiday, and if you drink it before leaving for a party, you can better pace yourself while still enjoying all the pleasures of party eats.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the foodie on your list, check out “Straight from the Earth,” , the latest cookbook from Earthbound Farm co-founder Myra Goodman and her daughter Marea. These irresistible vegan recipes were created with omnivores in-mind, and have garnered rave reviews, including from The, whose reviewer said it took her “straight to my happy place.”

Finally, don’t forget, homemade foods make great inexpensive time-saving gifts, so consider whipping up any of your favorite recipes for family and friends while avoiding long store lines!

Not Your Sugar Mamas

Not Your Sugar Mamas are a Martha's Vineyard-based gourmet chocolatier who just launched their six amazing raw, organic, Non-GMO flavors to consumers across the nation.

For the millions of chocolate lovers in the U.S., there was a collective sigh of relief when dark chocolate was taken off the forbidden list of sweet treats in recent years. This month, Not Your Sugar Mamas, a new chocolatier based in Martha’s Vineyard, is taking the healthy chocolate movement one step further with its new line of certified organic, raw, certified gluten-free and certified vegan chocolate bars.

Not Your Sugar Mamas offers conscious chocolate consumers six unbelievably decadent and unexpectedly healthy chocolate bars with no refined sugar (only tasty and nutritious organic maple syrup and coconut nectar) ethically sourced, certified organic, non-GMO ingredients that offer the highest nutritional value and quality:

Salted Caramel: Almond butter, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla and sea salt mixed together to create a bar full of healthy fats; it is also coated with a decadent a ntioxidant-rich chocolate layer.

Rose & Maca: A potent combination, maca is widely known for hormone balancing & its nourishing effects on the endocrine system. The maca, combined with rose oil, helps calm overactive minds and cope with stress.

Lavender & Sea Salt: Using sea salt from the shores of Martha’s Vineyard, this popular bar combines the soothing vibes from lavender with the numerous essential trace minerals found in sea salt.

Ginger Pomegranate: The ginger in this bar is known to help relax the digestive system and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Pome granate is an antioxidant rich food that is known to offer protection against heart disease and cancer.

Coconut Crunch: This bar is sweetened with coconut nectar and sprinkled with coconut flakes and chunks of almond. People love the protein, fiber and iron boost provided by the almonds and coconut!

Pure & Simple Chocolate Bar: A delicious basic recipe bar packed with antioxidants and healthy fats with a highlight of Tahitian vanilla.

The bars retail for $5.99 for a single bar; the ladies from Not Your Sugar Mamas have also put together a special holiday gift pack for $34.99 available on the Not Your Sugar Mamas website.

And if you are looking for healthy, natural and organic beverages this holiday season, check out these great companies and their natural beverages!!!

Lo Fruit Beverage

LO Fruit Beverage, in your holiday gift guide. They have 4 low glycemic fruit drink flavors: Mango Mojito, Acai Blue, Pomegranate Mojito and Pomegranate.

Made from Real Fruit, Blue Organic Agave Nectar and Stevia, with Lo, making the healthy beverage choice is easy. Improve your life and enjoy four fantastic flavors! Taking care of yourself has never been so satisfying.

Get healthy with Lo as part of your low glycemic diet. Originally developed as a tool to help diabetics manage blood sugar control, the glycemic index has found its way into the mainstream weight loss market. The glycemic index is the basis for many popular diet plans, such as SouthBeach, The Zone, Sugar Busters, Glucose Revolution, and Ending the Food Fight.

Prices start at $11.99 for the 4 pack and are available at H-E-B, A&P, Meijer, Walgreens, and Rite Aid

Prairie Organic Spirits

Whether it’s for your parents, significant other or even your coworker, nothing shows someone you care quite like a gift that’s homemade.

Prairie Organic Spirits understands the importance of that personal touch. After all, Prairie is made with organic corn grown at three family-owned and operated Midwest farms and then crafted into some of the world’s best tasting gin and vodka.

Below, are a few DIY holiday infusion recipes that make for the perfect gift. You can even tailor it to be extra special by making an infusion with your loved one’s favorite ingredients.


 Espresso Cinnamon Infusion

1 bottle Prairie Organic Vodka

3 tablespoons of whole espresso beans

3 sticks of cinnamon

Directions: Displace 1/3 vodka of the bottle of Prairie Organic Vodka into another vessel to make room. Fill with ingredients, top off with reserved vodka and secure cap tightly. Store in refrigerator or a dark cool space for 3–4 days for optimal flavor. Be sure to try with a White Russian!

Classic Vanilla Infusion

1 bottle Prairie Organic Vodka

2 vanilla beans, each split down the middle

Directions: Displace 1/3 vodka of the bottle of Prairie Organic Vodka into another vessel to make room. Fill with ingredients, top off with reserved vodka and secure cap tightly. Store in refrigerator or a dark cool space for 7–10 days for optimal flavor. Try with a White Russian or your favorite cola!

Rosemary Gin Infusion

1 bottle Prairie Organic Gin

2 sprigs of rosemary

Directions: Displace 1/3 vodka of the bottle of Prairie Organic Vodka into another vessel to make room. Fill with ingredients, top off with reserved vodka and, secure cap tightly. Store in refrigerator or a dark cool space for 3-4 days for optimal flavor. Try with a classic Gin and Tonic!

Marley Organic Coffee

Who wouldn't want gourmet coffee to heat up those cold winter days and nights? 

Marley Coffee offers a delightful and delicious array of gourmet blends in ground bean, whole bean and RealCup single-serve formats. From its “One Love” medium roast and “Get Up, Stand Up” light roast to its “Simmer Down” decaf blend, Marley Coffee has something to suit every taste.

At Marley Coffee, they are committed to sourcing the finest quality 100% Arabica coffee that is sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted. Theyproudly offer single origin Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, along with distinctive blends that present balance and complexity. Their coffees are small batch roasted to ensure the utmost quality. They are determined to deliver intoxicating aroma and rich smooth flavor into each cup that bears the Marley name.

I have really enjoyed my daily cup of Organic Marley Coffee made in my Keurig each morning! The flavor is smooth and I love that they are certified organic!!

Marley Coffee is available from

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