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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Add Justin's to Your Easter Baskets!

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

We continue our week of healthy Easter basket alternatives with one of my favorite brands, Justin's! We use our Justin's nut butters at least once a day it seems like and our whole family is fans!

Justin’s makes all-natural, high-quality nut butters and peanut butter cups that deliver great taste, unique texture and convenient nutrition. Established in 2004 in the home kitchen of health enthusiast Justin Gold, Justin’s supports an on-the-go lifestyle and was the first nut butter brand to market nut butters in single-serve squeeze packs.

Justin’s peanut butter cups are USDA-certified organic and are made with Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa, while the nut butters offer six to seven grams of protein, are enriched with vitamin E and serve as a good source of fiber. Every product is sourced as locally and sustainably as possible, as Justin’s emphasizes taking care of the community, helping fuel hunger relief efforts and Pine Ridge Reservation through local nonprofit Conscious Alliance.

They make great single serving packs that would be perfect in the Easter Baskets this year!

They are great for on-the-go, active and busy families and perfect for snack time!

Another great item to add to the Easter basket this year without the guilt are Justin's peanut butter cups! 

Think of your favorite peanut butter cup. Next, magnify that feeling by a gazillion – that’s this one. Just imagine what happens when you take the best tasting organic peanut butter in the world and delicately place it into the highest quality, organic and fair-trade chocolate available. Yup. Peanut butter cup perfection! They really are this good!

The great taste of combining this organic peanut butter with organic, fair-trade chocolate is no illusion. Voila! Peanut butter cups so astounding they boggle the mind. Now, if I could just get them to reappear once they’re gone!

Don't feel guilty as you fill your children's Easter baskets this year or entertain holiday guests! Justin's makes the perfect healthy and organic alternatives to regular unhealthy candies this Easter holiday!

Buy It: 

You can purchase Justin's nut butters and peanut butter cups from your local retail store.

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* Thank you to Justin's for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*