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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Get ALL Those Pictures Organized with Ruly!

This post is brought to you by All opinions are mine!
I will admit it...I am a picture taking fanatic! I just love to capture moments of all kinds, whether they are funny, sad, memorable, milestones, or just everyday life! I want to have pictures of all kinds to look back on of my kids and my family and to show them when they are older. Let's face it. My memory isn't getting any better as I get older so pictures really help tell a story!

So what does this mean for me? Well, I have pictures everywhere! My husband always makes fun of me for how many pictures I have on my computer and phone at all times. I have memory sticks full of pictures, previous computers full of pictures and my phone is usually maxed out!

And the worst part is none of them are organized and it has only got worse the more kids I have! :)

So who do I turn to when I need some picture organizing help???

How about a great company that I just learned about called Ruly!

They are an AMAZING company that makes tech jobs for women living in poverty who then organize and edit my messy photo library!

I just love how they are helping others while helping me and, in turn, I am helping others when I get help!!!

Ruly uses a combination of technology & a highly trained human workforce built in partnership with Digital Data Divide.


Ruly links to customers' photos through their cloud storage service. Then they get to work. First, they assess every photo to separate out the “Klutter” & identify “Keepers.”

What’s Klutter? They're the photos that don't pass technical & photographic criteria. For example:

• Unnecessary duplicates

• Out of focus, greatly under- or over-exposed

• Mistake shots

• Embarrassing facial expressions

The Keepers are all your good shots; everything that's left after the Klutter is separated. Typically about 65-70% of photos are Klutter!

Once the Keepers are identified, Ruly finds the Highlights and edits them so they look great. These are the really fun shots because they tell a story and have the best photographic qualities.

Lastly, Ruly aggregates all the Highlights from the year into a folder called Annual Highlights. This might be their coolest feature, because it makes end-of-the-year photo projects really easy. Many customers like to make annual family photo books or holiday gifts. Ruly puts all the Highlights in one spot and they're edited and completely ready for creative projects!

How Much Does This Awesome Service Cost?

Ruly uses a fee-for-service model. Their primary service is the monthly subscription plan. With this service, Ruly automatically processes photos twice/month. This is designed to keep your photos Ruly as you take them throughout the month. The cost is $12.99/mo. for 300 photos or $3.99/mo. for 100 photos.

Their second option is a Batch Service. It’s designed to process large batches of historical photos that were never organized. For this service, Ruly charges 8-10¢ per photo depending on quantity.

And it is ALWAYS Secure!

Ruly has multiple layers of security to ensure our customers’ privacy is always protected. First, Ruly is built to work with customers’ Dropbox service, so the multiple layers of security built into Dropbox is still at work for Ruly customers. This includes physical, technical, and heuristic security measures to protect user information from unauthorized access. Nobody - including other Dropbox or other Ruly users - can view photo files unless the customer deliberately shares them.

Additionally, our overseas offices are "no-save" facilities, meaning the computers used by our photo specialists cannot save or forward files. USB ports on these machines are disabled and they are not connected to the Internet. Also, photo specialists are not allowed to have camera-enabled devices while at work. This way, files are isolated from saving/distributing technologies and remain secure throughout the Ruly process.

For more information on Ruly make sure to visit

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* This post is brought to you by All opinions are mine!*