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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Snack Healthy & Celebrate National Pecan Month with @PearsonFarmGA & #Giveaway

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

Spring is ushering in and with it comes April which you may not know is National Pecan Month! Right now is the perfect time to blend the two observances with healthy pecan snacks for kids.

Check out the below tip sheet to help incorporate powerhouse pecans into the snack rotation this spring!

Pecans: The Healthy Nutty Fuel For Kids On The Go

Contributed by Pearson Farm

As winter coming to a close, long car trips, sports and outdoor activities begin to fill the calendars. With the warmer weather comes busier kids and the right fuel is crucial in keeping them going and at top performance. With little saturated and no trans-fat, pecans are a heart healthy snack for kids five and up. A good source of protein, potassium, thiamine, and ranked among the top 20 foods for antioxidant capacity, pecans are not only convenient and versatile, but they will keep your child’s immune system strong. 
We all have our favorite go to snack items, but just like adults, kids sometimes get bored with the same ol’, same ol’. Follow the below tips to switch things up a bit and incorporate pecans into your snack arsenal. 
Encourage Healthy Eating- Kids are little mirrors, they do what we do, if you make healthy food choices your child will too. Always have easy healthy options around. Fruit, raw veggies and nuts can be placed in an easy to reach location. Designate the low bin in the fridge and the lowest shelf in the pantry for “help yourself” snacks. Not only does this put healthy options in reach and easily attainable but it gives the child a little “control” in reaching for and picking their own snack, you know, like a “big kid”! 
Fight the afterschool slump with low sugar and high protein- Granola with blueberries and pecans is a great low-fat granola recipe that is naturally sweetened and the perfect afterschool snack for kids. Eat it as is or sprinkle on top of yogurt for an added protein punch. 
Over the River and Through The Woods- Whether it is to grandmother’s house, a day trip to a museum or just a weekend adventure, car trips can be tricky. Keep the snack attacks at bay by using Tupperware® with dividers or Ziploc® bags for your little travelers. Add pecans, fruit, granola, or pretzels. Dry snacks will cut down on the mess and limit the stops through the fast food drive thru lane. 
Make Snack Preparation a Team Sport- Recipes that include nuts, seeds and whole grains sweetened with natural sugars make for the perfect on the go snack. Granola Bars with Cranberries and Pecans for example, are a great recipe that children can get in on. The making of these yummy bars is a fun Sunday afternoon activity and being pa rt of the preparation process will make the end result even more intriguing to the pickiest of eaters. 
Spread the Love- Incorporate pecans into bake sales and classroom celebrations. Once you have a few kid friendly recipes under your belt, recipes with the powerful pecan will soon be in high demand over cookies and brownies and your treats will be the star of every pint-sized gathering.
Right now, we are loving snacking on the Taste of Pecans Gift Box from Pearson Farm.

This box includes 4 Pecan Flavors all in one box! Flavors include: Toasted & Salted, Cinnamon Roasted, Southern Praline, and Seasoned. My children loved the Toasted and Salted, my husband loved the Seasoned and my favorite were the Cinnamon Roasted!

I love that they are packaged in new Kraft Resealable Bags so that we can easily save and store for the next snack time!

So this April, celebrate National Pecan month every time you grab for some pecans for an easy, healthy snack idea!

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