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Monday, July 11, 2016

Get Fit This Summer...Even When It Rains!

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

It's summer and everyone is outside walking, running and biking while enjoying the beautiful weather. But what to do on the rainy days when you are forced to be inside but don't want to skip your workout? 

Check out four new DVD's that are sure to spice things up, shake up your exercise routine and provide a great workout for your body, even if it is raining outside!

Are you interested in a ballet- based workout or are you a former dancer? Then you may want to try these two fitness DVD's from BeyondBarre

BeyondBarre Grace is a graceful, ballet focused workout with yoga-inspired movement and stretching. Plus, it includes a Bonus GlideBoard segment.

BeyondBarre Fit is a fitness based strength class that uses props such as a small ball, resistance bands and weights. Plus,  you get a Bonus GlideBoard segment included.

I can't believe how strong dancers and ballet dancers are and I want to do any workout like they would do! :) I really liked how low impact this workout was while burning a lot of calories and building muscle strength!

Get both for only $24!

And if you actually like to do the dancing while you workout, then check out this burlesque inspired exercise video: 

This unique total body workout video is not only fun to do but will have you burning fat, building muscle, and feeling more confident than ever!

Dance Yourself Fit brings Michelle’s four decades of experience to you. Whether you’re a dancing queen or have two left feet, this burlesque inspired aerobic exercise video will have you bumping and shimmying your way to a whole new you.

Each carefully designed dance move comes together in an incredibly fun, low impact and results oriented routine that not only targets your abs, legs, butt and arms without weights or a single sit up or crunch, but will tap into your inner goddess (we all have one) to leave you feeling sexy and confident.

You can purchase for $19.99.

Tone & Tighten utilizes hand weights (or soup cans!), resistance band exercises, and floor work to target the entire body. After each muscle group is worked, through high repetition using a small range of motion, it is alternately stretched to elongate the muscles.

T&T creates muscles that are toned and lengthened, not big and bulky. After just a few weeks your legs will look leaner, your butt will look firmer, your abs will become stronger, and your shoulders, arms and chest will become defined. You will also burn away fat as T&T keeps you feeling challenged throughout its workout.

The intensity of the exercises is completely controlled by you! Whether you're a trained athlete or have never worked out a day in your life, T&T will be a great addition to reaching your fitness goals! 

You can purchase for $19.99.

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* Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*