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Friday, September 9, 2016

Kick Start Healthy Eating with #AtkinsMealKits! @AtkinsInsider

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I talked a few weeks ago about receiving the Easy Peasy Meal Kit from Atkins. It was good then and it is good now!

Receiving this kit has really kicked me in the butt to figure out my eating and be more conscious of what I eat, when I eat and how I eat! I many times eat on-the-go while I teach, run around with the kids or pick up kids from school. My day seems to be one activity after another and I used to binge eat, grab an unhealthy treat for the road or eat everything I could find at night after the kids went to bed.

Eating the Atkins meals when I have a chance to sit down and grabbing the Meal Shakes or Meal Bars when I am in a hurry has been so easy and I love that they are giving me the nutrition I need to get through the day.

Plus, their food tastes pretty good too! The Meal Bars were my favorite! I was endlessly stealing them back from my husband's hands when he was trying to sneak one away from my stash! :)

And I love the great variety of meals that were included in the kit. There were meals great for breakfast, lunch and dinner! They were full of flavor and nutrition and there is sure to be a meal for every taste bud and preference!

If you are looking for an easy peasy way to kick start your healthy eating and become more conscious of the food you eat, check out the amazing meal kits from Atkins. They really make healthy eating easy and I definitely recommend the Easy Peasy Meal Kit! The Easy Peasy Meal Kit ($97.99) is the most comprehensive kit with all meals included, and consumers make their snacks and side dishes. The kit includes a variety of Atkins Frozen Meals, Meal Bars and Shakes to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is the most comprehensive kit I have ever seen and it was really helpful for getting me back on track!

Buy It:

You can purchase Atkins Meal Kits at, where you can ALSO receive free support from nutritionists, access educational materials and share insights from your personal weight-loss journey with members of the Atkins community.  The Meal Kits may also be purchased as a recurring subscription.

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This post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer's Network.*