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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Gifts for Everyday Healthier Living from Earth Mama Organics

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

This holiday season, everyone is focused on staying healthy and Earth Mama Organics has some really great gifts for everyday healthier living and many are travel-friendly! And they are not just for the Mama on your gift list - they are great for the whole family too!

Check out three of my favorite gift ideas from Earth Mama Organics below: 


I love that you get to try four flavors in one box! We have been having a hard time finding a natural deodorant that doesn't irritate our underarms. I hadn't tried Earth Mama's deodorant so I was so excited to see if it would bother us and work well. 

Earth Mama’s cruelty-free mini deodorants are travel-savvy and squee-cute. Pop one in your purse, the diaper bag, your gym bag or stuff ‘em in stockings with a falala – they are just that good. Refreshing ginger-lime Ginger Fresh Deodorant, tangerine-y Bright Citrus Deodorant, unscented Simply Non-Scents Deodorant, and fresh, soothing Calming Lavender Deodorant. Think you're too sensitive for deodorants with baking soda? You got another thing comin’! This formula was made for extra sensitive skin with the perfect balance of baking soda and magnesium. Just enough to work, not enough to hurt.

I am happy to say that this deodorant is awesome and hasn't irritated my armpits (or my husbands!) and we may have just found our favorite deodorant ever!! 

Lavender Hand Sanitizer

We all know the CDC recommends to always wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. But let’s be real: if you’ve ever been on the road with a baby, you know how it is — a Code Brown diaper situation won’t wait for a sink. Or maybe you hit up the grocery store, had to use the shopping cart, and handwashing just isn’t an option. Earth Mama Hand Sanitizer to the rescue! 

Formulated according to FDA guidelines, it’s 80% alcohol, free of methanol and 1-propanol, and contains glycerin to leave your hands less dry. So when in doubt, bring both soap AND sanitizer. 

But if you’re on the go and soap-and-water-less, go ahead and spritz cruelty-free Earth Mama Hand Sanitizer generously on your hands, rubbing briskly until it’s evaporated. Bonus: you’ll be left with a calming scent of lavender essential oil — welcome during a stressful Code Brown.

This is great to stick in the car after grocery shopping, in your purse or in the glove box!

Lip Balm Quadruplets

I am a tad bit obsessed with lip balms and I am always excited when I get to try new ones!

Introducing the Lip Balm Quadruplets: All four flavors in one. Yep, we’re talking the vanilla-tinged Coconut Smoothie, light as a cloud vanilla-yum Lavender Meringue, classic and beloved Mint Herbal, and the zingy, slightly minty organic Orange Ginger. Keep them all for yourself, or give some away — because this 4-pack is a great little gift for mamas (especially during stocking-stuffer season). 

I love that they aren NOT made with petrolatum, artificial colors or flavors! They smell great and go on my lips great!

So if you have a new mama on your gift list or just want to give gifts for a healthier lifestyle this Christmas, check out Earth Mama Organics!

Buy It:

You can purchase all these products and much more from the Earth Mama Organics website

Disclosure: A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.