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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

iSafe Backpack Review

With state-of-the-art alarm systems installed in our homes and our cars, most people feel safer in knowing that their valuable belongings are secured against the threat of theft or intrusion. Ironically, these items are all insured and replaceable, but how many of us take the same security precautions with our most precious and irreplaceable possession—our lives?

Introducing iSafe Backpacks and Bags: the first and only school and laptop backpacks and messenger bags with a built-in mobile personal security system to provide added safety and peace of mind for students, parents, commuters and travelers.

Your Personal Body Guard

Developed by Inventive Concepts International, iSafe Backpacks and Bags feature a lightweight, battery-powered audible and visible alarm system that, when activated, signal distress and attract immediate attention in a dangerous or crisis situation. Available in children’s sizes and designs, as well as adult laptop/business sizes with professional designs, iSafe bags provide the most convenient and reliable safety protection available for people on the go.

“iSafe bags are like having a personal body guard with you at all times,” said Edric Sizemore, president and co-founder of Inventive Concepts International. “They’re ideal for children who walk home from school, college students on campus and even adults who want to feel safer and more secure in dark parking lots or unfamiliar surroundings.”

Easy Activation in Dangerous Situations

The iSafe alarm is easily activated: if the wearer feels they’re being followed or threatened, a quick tug on the alarm strap sets off the audible alarm and flashing light. The iSafe bag not only attracts attention to the situation, but the startling sound will likely send a would-be attacker running scared. The alarm can quickly be silenced and reset by replacing the pin, making the iSafe alarm reusable many times over.

Other handheld security devices are easily forgotten or left behind because they become just one more item to carry. But with iSafe bags, the alarm is built right into the stylish and functional bag, meaning there’s nothing more to carry. The alarm system is virtually undetectable until activated—iSafe bags look just like any other high-quality, durable bag on the market. The built-in alarm system is shock- and water-resistant for durability.

Stop School Bullies with iSafe

iSafe school backpacks can help protect school children from dangerous bullies and put a stop to threatening, violent behavior. When a group of 8th grade bullies began pushing and shoving 6th grader Paige Ferguson at school, she ran into the locker room to escape. The bullies followed her, and Paige found herself cornered with no one to help. Grabbing for her backpack, Paige activated the alarm in her iSafe backpack.

“Not only did the gang of girls disperse, but it brought several teachers/coaches to the scene,” said Paige’s mother Tammie. “The bullies were punished and the ring leader removed from the school entirely. My daughter's quick thinking and your excellent product saved her from what could have potentially been

My Opinion
I graciously received the collegiate laptop backpack. I absolutely love it! Besides being extra safe with the alarm feature (which was VERY loud and easy to use!), it was roomy, had tons of pockets and storage spots, and had a great compartment for my laptop!

I recently used it on my trip to Las Vegas and I loved it! It fit a ton of stuff in it and I felt so safe with the alarm feature! No one is going to be stealing from me in the future! Also, my laptop fit perfectly in it and it was protected well throughout the plane ride.

I recommend iSafe Backpack for all people who may not feel safe where they work, play, or go to school and need a way to alarm people in case of an emergency! They have a great variety of bag and backpacks for all ages and occupations and the backpack is really high quality and functions as a great carrier for all things under the sun!

Buy It: You can purchase iSafe Collegiate Laptop Backpack for $79.98 on the iSafe website.

* Thank you to iSafe  for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*