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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pacific Shaving Company Review

This holiday, give your family something they can actually use. Pacific Shaving Company makes luscious shaving products with certified organic and safe ingredients that are good for the skin, good for the wallet and good for the earth. These products feel lavishly smooth and enhance skin by softening, soothing and hydrating for a pleasurable shave. Men and women everywhere will appreciate the opportunity to put down their tired cans of shaving cream in favor of something better.

· All-Natural Shaving Cream – This is the best shaving cream. This rich cream offers superior lubrication to give a close and gentle shave. A little goes a long way with this small but mighty jar; one travel-friendly 3 oz jar will last up to 40 shaves

· All-Natural Shaving Oil – Get to know the beauty of a gentle, moisturizing shave using an oil like the one offered by Pacific Shaving Company. Works on its own or by adding as a base before cream, Shaving Oil enables the blade to glide more easily across even the most sensitive skin without drying or leaving nicks.

· Blade Oil – Ever wonder why blades go dull and make chins and cheeks vulnerable to cuts and rashes? The 24 hours in between shaves are what damage the blades (oxidation), not the act of shaving itself. Apply Blade Oil directly to the blade via an easy-to-use roll-on applicator to extend blade life by 95% and save money on buying more blades

· Nick Stick –Toilet paper on your face is about as cool as toilet paper on your shoe. Apply this small but mighty Nick Stick to cuts instead – it will dry clear in order to stop bleeding right away. It may sting a little bit but that means it’s working.

My Opinion
I absolutely love all of the products from Pacific Shaving Company! This is the first time I have seen great shaving products that are natural and save for my skin too!

The shaving cream and oil work great for shaving for both men and women! The Nick Stick is great for those "Oops" moments or for the beginning shaver! And the Blade Oil prolongs your blades!

They are all great products, all safe for your skin, and all safe for the earth!!! I love the organic and natural ingredients - it makes me want to shave all the time! :)

I recommend Pacific Shaving Company products for everyone who shaves (Which is hopefully most adults!) Give them something they will use...and LOVE this holiday season!

Buy It: You can purchase all Pacific Shaving Company products on their website and at other retailers near you!

* Thank you to Pacific Shaving Company for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*