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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I LOVE My Whey Protein Shakes!

I am a huge supplement fan! I take multivitamins, Vitamin B & C supplements, probiotics, and a whey protein shake everyday!

Supplements may be expensive upfront but the amount of money it has saved us in hospital and medical bills is amazing! My son hasn't been to the doctor his entire 21 months of life and my husband and I haven't been to the doctor because of sickness in over four years!!! I really believe that supplements help!

My favorite supplement is my whey protein shake because I feel empowered when I drink it and I know it helps my muscles grow and get stronger along with keeping me healthy overall! I use it as a meal replacement once a day and the protein keeps me feeling full and helps me wake up in the morning and also keeps my energy level up throughout the whole day!

I have discovered an amazing way to drink my chocolate protein shake! My favorite way to drink it is to heat up water in my tea kettle, pour it in a cup and add my protein shake. I add some milk and it suddenly becomes a Hot Chocolate! I love it, especially in the winter! It tastes great and makes me really look forward to having my protein shake everyday!

Do you take supplements? 
If so, which ones and do you think they help??

* I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for Elite Whey Protein and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.*


Tori said...

I take a b vitamin and a multivitamin but must admit lately I have been forgetting to take them.

Lauren said...

When not pregnant I take a multivitamin, vitamin c, omega 3 fish oils, resveratrol, and rice protein shakes. I think that supplements make a huge difference in my life.
While pregnant I am taking prenatal, dha, and vitamin c.