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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why "The Simpsons" is My Favorite Animated Show

Thanks for the guest post by Dave Myers

Since I was a child, I have been watching The Simpsons on Sunday nights. It was a ritual in my family when I was growing up and. now that I'm a mother, it is becoming a tradition in my new little family as well. In my opinion, the fact that those crass, yellow people are still bringing in top ratings after decades on the air shows how great the show really is. It's not easy to stand the test of time on television but the Simpsons have surely done it.

Over the years, my experience with The Simpsons has changed. As a young child I enjoyed the animation and I laughed at Bart's rude tag lines. My parents and I would sit around the small telviision in our basement and when the show was done I would go to bed. As a teenager, I would watch it on my friends' big screen TV's over popcorn and soda. Now, as an adult, I watch The Simpsons every Saturday night with my husband, on our satellite TV. While the times have changes, the show was not. Matt Groening and his crew never fail to incorporate jokes, lessons, opinions and famous guest stars into a show that can be described as nothing other than a major hit. www.tvbydirect.com.

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