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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Balancing My Two "Worlds"

The mystery of the universes deepens in the 22-episode third season of Fringe. The Fringe team escapes from the parallel universe – except for Olivia, trapped in the other world and replaced in ours by her double, who turns Peter and Olivia’s tentative relationship into a love affair. Then Olivia returns, bonds of trust fray, ever more bizarre and terrifying phenomena occur and secrets that stretch back to 1985 threaten to destroy our universe. Or theirs.

Season 3 of Fringe is set within two distinctive worlds where one world is affected by the actions that occur in the other. Like the characters in Fringe, it can be difficult to function in two worlds without upsetting one of them! I have really noticed that tough balance since I started my blog and product reviews and became a mother. My husband sometimes doesn't like how much time I spend on the computer but he loves the great products we get because of my site!

I really try to make separate time for each "world" and that is how I work to create a balance between the two. I try to only work on my site and reviews during naptime and at night when my son is in bed and my husband is working outside. That way I don't sacrifice any of the precious time I have with my family!

If you want to see how the characters in Fringe balance two worlds, make sure to pre-order your copy of Fringe: The Complete Third Season on DVD here today:!

How often do you feel like your professional and personal worlds collide? How does your online persona differ from who you present yourself as professionally? 

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