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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I (Think) I am an Expert in the Real Estate World!

I must say I pretty much consider myself an expert in the real estate world! :)

Let me explain...I have constantly moved around since I was born! In my childhood, I lived in three different states and went to five different schools all before I was 18!

Then once I was on my own...I learned I kind of have that adventurous spirit built inside me and learned I LIKE to move around! Weird, I know!

I then proceeded to live in six different houses, in four different cities, and in two different states all within eight years! That is almost a new house and a move every year for eight years!!! The last one occurred about two years ago so this is actually the longest I have lived in a one place in EIGHT years!! Congrats to me! :) Also, my last move occurred when I was over 36 weeks pregnant and ready to burst! :) I know I am C-R-A-Z-Y!!

So, now you can see why I consider myself an expert at moving! :)

The house we live in currently is the first house we actually bought. We always rented before and found our places by ourselves. We would google, look up real estate sites to look at places, and go and check out the places ourselves. It was pretty successful until we decided to buy....buying gets a little trickier!

At first, we used our previous methods of trying to find houses. But once we decided we wanted to see a couple of houses, getting a Realtor was our best choice! Our first Realtor didn't work out well...we just couldn't find a good house that was a match for what we wanted. So we actually found a house ourselves we were really interested in and contacted the Realtor of the sellers directly and bought the house through him! It worked out great in the end!

After all this moving, the only advice I have is this...be prepared for a lot of time and effort. Buying a house is not as fun and easy as it looks. It is really hard to find a house like you have always dreamed of, while staying in your budget!! House hunting started out fun but soon got very tedious and depressing! Make sure to prepare yourself ahead of time when you are on the market to buy!

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* This is a sponsored post written in behalf of a Missouri real estate company. All opinions are 100% mine. *


Cricket @ Thrifty Texas Penny said...

LOL, I think house hunting is either quick and painless, or major surgery! Our first house was the 2nd we looked at. Our 2nd was at least the 30th house we looked at and we ended up halfway settling. Buying was considerably less than renting in our area and our lease was nearly up. Stopping by to say hello from the Monday Alexa hop.