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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the Altar of Love Album Review

Downhere has a new album, On the Altar of Love, releasing August 23, 2011 (TODAY!)!

On the Altar of Love is thoroughly passionate, but never preachy.

“When it was time to start writing for this record,” adds drummer Jeremy Thiessen, “we sat down and talked about ‘What if we had a clean slate? What if all the wreckage and debris of our culture were gone, and we were back down to the foundations. What would our creeds be? What would our anthems sound like? What would the practice of our faith look like?’ So that’s where we started, and we tried to write songs out of that place of pioneering a return to the core of Christianity.”

On the Altar of Love is perhaps at its most vulnerable and human on the anthemic and plaintive "Let Me Rediscover You". In fact, if songs had a physical posture, "Let Me Rediscover You" would probably be on its knees with its arms uplifted. The urgency of the vocals sweeps the melody along forcefully, undergirded by the song’s hymn-like and punctuated rhythm.

Other standout songs on the project include the moody, rootsy, spinning-wheel-feel of the title track, the powerful minimalism of "Reveal The Kingdom" (an “anthem for an eternal kingdom”), and the accessibly poignant poetry of "Thank You For the Heartbreak"—a song that not only recognizes but sincerely celebrates God’s sovereignty at work even within our hurt and sorrow.

On the Altar of Love is really a proclamation of faith,” explains Jason. “It’s an encouragement to continue on regardless of circumstance, to continue this journey with joy and celebration, because we have a promise. We know where the journey ends. And we know that we’re not alone as we make our way. We have the companionship of Christ, and we have this vast family of brothers and sisters, and we have this great cloud of witnesses that have gone before us, who are cheering us on. So we want to cast aside the distractions, return to what is essential, and spend ourselves completely in response to the love we’ve been given.”

This album was a great Christian album! I love the tone and sound of their voices and the words to the songs were really meaningful! It is definitely my go-to album when I need comfort and a great reminder about what a blessing God and my faith are to me!

Best of all, you can really tell the passion for their faith in their words and songs! I love that!

Buy It: You can purchase On the Altar of Love for $9.99 on the Downhill website.

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