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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Would You Leave Your Current Life to Be a Spy?

As I talked about last week, the first season of Nikita does not disappoint! Filled with action, deceit, and romance, Nikita and her wide array of friends and enemies fight to the very last minute of this exciting 22 episode season!

“The Division” recruits troubled youth, erase their background and shapes them into spies and assassins. It got me thinking...would I completely leave my current life as a mother, wife, and professional for an exciting life of spy work? Would I do it if I had to cut all ties with everyone in my life??

It definitely get you thinkin', doesn't it? If you knew me, you know I LOVE to travel and I LOVE excitement and spying! But I just don't think I could give up being a mother and wife to my wonderful boys and I DEFINITELY could not cut all ties with them for the rest of my life! They are my life and no amount of travel and excitement can replace them!

If you want to see people who did leave their entire life behind to become spies and assassins, then pre-order your copy of Nikita: The Complete First Season on DVD here today: http://bit.ly/qLjOxO

If given the chance, would you neglect your current life for one of globe trotting spy work if it meant you would have to cut all ties with everyone in your life?

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* I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Nikita: The Complete First Season on DVD.*


Nikki said...

I wouldn't leave my current life to be a spy, but before I had my son I always thought it would be kind of fun. I think I'd be good at it because no one would suspect me. I look so unassuming, lol.

Deb K said...

I couldn't leave my life either..

Lindsey V said...

I don't know if could physically do it now....but 7-8 years ago.....I think I would have LOVED it!