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Monday, September 26, 2011

Who is the Mole?

If you are following the show, The Mentalist: The Third Season, then you know that Red John strikes into the heart of the CBI. Ever since the serial killer murdered Patrick Jane’s family, the California Bureau of Investigation consultant and former faux-psychic has become obsessed with finding the man who destroyed his life.

But after a homicide suspect is set ablaze in his jail cell and a CBI agent is later framed as Red John, Patrick realizes his adversary is closer than he imagined.

Throughout the season, Patrick is on a mission to identify who Red John’s mole within the CBI is. Before they revealed the mole, I had always thought that it would be one of the people that you would least expect...that is how it always seems to turn out, right? So for that reason, I was always suspicious of Patrick's former Special Agent in Charge, Virgil Minelli. He just always seemed like a suspicious character to me throughout the show...and then he retired which I thought maybe meant he was trying to get out of the way of suspicion. Alas, I was wrong and it turned out to be FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin! Who would have knew? :)

To see more about Patrick's chase for Red John's mole make sure to order your copy of The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season on DVD here today: http://bit.ly/rcKZxk!

Before Patrick revealed the mole, who did you suspect it was? What clues led you to suspect that person?

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Adie Andrews said...

I can't wait to see the third season as this is one of my favourite shows.

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