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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little Kids Crunch Art Scrapbook Set

Little Kids® Inc. was founded in 1989 by toy industry leader and former Toy Industry Association Board Member, Jim Engle.

Little Kids develops, manufactures and markets innovative and award-winning bubble, novelty, sports and food activity toys. Consumers recognize Little Kids toys for their high quality, value and durability that promote thoughtful and creative play.

Little Kids brands include a line built upon No-Spill Bubbles, a category the company created with its patented No-Spill® Bubble Tumbler toy. Other Little Kids brands include My First Bubbles®, Junk Ball® Sports, Crunch Art™ and Press Dough™ food activity toys.

One of my favorite gift ideas from Little Kids, Inc this year is the Crunch Art! With Crunch Art®, you can make incredible art creations without the cutting, the gluing or the mess! There’s no limit to your creative possibilities!

Crunch Art® lets you design colorful projects with fabric and foam. Simply place a foam template on the Crunch board & use the Cruncher to press fabric into the foam. Hear the “CRUNCH!” from the board & see the magical burst of color! Crunch your fabric into any design to complete each project. It’s fun, safe & mess-free!

My favorite Crunch Art item is the Crunch Art®: Scrapbook Set! With the Crunch Art Scrapbook Kit, kids have a unique way to make a personalized memory book. Not only can they decorate the inner pages, but they can now Crunch fabric designs on their scrapbook cover!

Crunch Art Scrapbook Set Includes: 100 Pieces of Fabric Crunch Board Cruncher Adhesive Foam Cover Foam Accents Beads Ribbon Cardboard Cover Back.

This gift would be great for any child that likes to use their creativity and art skills to make scrapbooks to keep their memories forever! They will have such fun making a scrapbook all by them self that they can look at forever with pride!

Buy It: You can purchase the Crunch Art Scrapbook Set for $10.99 at many local retailers

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* Thank you to Little Kids, Inc. for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*